Photo By Jerry Snyder




The Stanford Stable required many specialized barns for exercise ponies, working horses, broodmares and foals, racing stallions, and hay and equipment storage.

Although many of the grandest buildings are gone, many utilitarian barns survive on the old backstretch of the Farm. Others have collapsed into piles of wood.

(Above) A board-and-batten backstretch barn nestles in a shadow behind the broodmare barn. Horses recooperating from an illness or injury often stayed in these front barns. The racetrack is now submerged in the asphalt sea in the foreground.

(Right) This rustic row of barns is set back from Route 30 along what could be mistaken for a country lane. These "back barns" housed individual mares and their foals. When the foals were old enough, they were sent to a "weening barn" on the Locust Avenue side of the farm and the mares returned to the broodmare barn.

(Below) The "farm barn", which stored hay and equipment , has such ornamental touches as a cupola and ecclesiastical windows.

Photo By Jerry Snyder

Photo By Jerry Snyder